Flexitarianism is the latest trend. A flexitarian is in fact a modern-day omnivore. A flexitarian eats food of both animal and plant origin but in a more rational way. He reduces his meat consumption or chooses high-quality meat: certified, local, ethical, etc… He doesn’t miss out on quality or on enjoying food.

How does Maison Riviere fit in with the flexitarian approach? In our meat division, we have launched a range of ready meals with side dishes, with the emphasis on the meat origin:

  • “Label Rouge” chicken, Parisienne potatoes, lemon and zest sauce
  • Blonde d’Aquitaine beef, Mogette beans from the Vendée and two-mustard sauce
  • Blonde d’Aquitaine beef, baby vegetables and Madiran wine sauce
  • Pork from the South-West, Parisienne potatoes and Corbières white wine sauce

All our cassoulets are also of French origin with French duck meat and Toulouse sausage made in our kitchens and 100% French haricot beans.

But to provide an even fuller response to the flexitarian trend, Maison Riviere has broadened its range of vegetables and now offers complete, 100% vegetarian 100% delicious dishes. These tasty, complete meals can be heated in the microwave for a quick, enjoyable lunch.