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Family history

The beautiful story

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It all began half a century ago in Castelnaudary, in the heart of the Lauragais, when Mr. Rivière, the father, opened his butchery and cured meats shop in the market square. The name “Rivière” was immediately associated with product freshness, quality and authenticity.

Having inherited a love of his region and a sound business sense, his son Michel naturally took over the business and shaped and developed Maison Rivière. In his kitchens, he created the recipe for his inimitable cassoulet and soon extended his know-how to the preparation of other ready meals, enhancing the flavours of these dishes to match the image of the region and its inhabitants: convivial, hearty and simple.

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Cassoulet is an authentic dish that forms an iconic part of Castelnaudary’s culinary heritage; it’s the company’s flagship product and its primary guarantee of quality.

While the ingredients are carefully selected and prepared in the traditional way, the recipe for the Maison Rivière cassoulet has remained a secret. Even today, only Madame Rivière knows the composition of the spice box used to make the stock in which the vegetables and beans are simmered to give this cassoulet its unique, inimitable taste.

Maison Rivière’s fresh cassoulet is still prepared by hand and the production process for our canned ranges is highly exacting.

Maison riviere


Based on this high demand for quality and taste that it has developed for over a quarter of a century, Maison Rivière today brings out a full range of authentic regional dishes. “Févoulet”, salt pork, confits and gizzards are meticulously prepared in our kitchens to delight lovers of the food from the South-West and beyond!

In this same logic of generous cuisine, and to respond to its consumers, Maison Rivière is renewed and is also more daring. In the summer evenings, it invites aperitif and spreadable sauces, for green Mondays its vegetarian dishes and joyful but mastered desserts thanks to sweet delicacies. With greed and quality standards, Maison Riviere is today of all banquets!

Maison riviere

Our workshops in Castelnaudary
and in Provence

Our core business is to make and sell traditional specialities from our region. This production is established in the heart of Castelnaudary and in Provence (Bollene and Mondragon) and offers consumers a variety of product ranges that are made possible by efficient production facilities that are respectful of traditional ingredients and processes.

To ensure maximum food safety, Maison Rivière has introduced a variety of multidimensional analysis tools to re-evaluate its suppliers in real time, monitor food risks (HACCP), analyze its quality indicators more effectively and embark quickly on quality improvement actions.

It’s also one of the first French companies to have developed a global quality management system that incorporates Business Intelligence tools to provide total traceability of all our raw ingredients and finished products.