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Duck confit – 2 legs

An essential part of France’s regional production, French-origin duck legs are preserved in our kitchens.

Serve them with potatoes, boletus mushrooms or beans in a garlic and parsley sauce...

  • For 2 people in 765g tin can (drained net weight 425g)

Preserved duck gizzards

Delicious preserved duck gizzards to be served still warm in a mixed salad.

  • 385g tin can - drained net weight 215g

Poultry gizzards cooked in duck fat

Delicious preserved poultry gizzards to be served warm in a mixed salad.
  • 385g tin can - drained net weight 215g

Lentils with duck confit and Toulouse sausage

Maison Rivière combines French green lentils with all the ingredients that are the pride of the South-West region: an aromatic stock, French-origin duck drumsticks and Toulouse sausage made in our kitchens with French-origin pork.

  • For 1 person in 420g tin can
  • For 2 people in 840g tin can

Grilled Toulouse sausages

These Toulouse sausages are made with French-origin pork in our kitchens, using a traditional recipe: they are grilled in our ovens then cooked in duck fat to make them even more melt-in-the-mouth!

  • 385g tin can : about 5 sausages