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Anchovy cream

Anchovies, olive oil and a touch of crème fraîche: a fresh recipe to spread on crackers or serve in verrines or puff pastry.

  • 90g glass jar

Red sweet pepper delice

Sun-drenched red peppers and a few condiments, delicious on toasted country bread!

  • 90g glass jar

Aioli and rouille dipping sauce

This is the essential tapas sauce for the famous “patatas bravas”: small fried potatoes served as a Tapas!

  • 200g glass jar

Preserved lemon and ginger dipping sauce

spired by the flavours of the Orient, this dipping sauce is ideal with shellfish and chicken samosas or as part of a seafood verrine!

Shallot and chive dipping sauce

Rediscover the sweetness and freshness of this combination, ideal with crispy vegetables! This shallot and chive sauce is also delicious with jacket potatoes!

  • 200g glass jar