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Tzatziki style with cucumber dipping sauce

Rediscover the essential tzatziki-style cucumber sauce! Ideal with salmon toasties or as part of a summer verrine!

  • 200g glass jar

Tomato and chilli dipping sauce

Ideal with nachos for a Tex Mex aperitif, but just as delicious with crispy vegetables or prawn kebabs!
  • 200g glass jar

Garlic and wasabi dipping sauce

A daring combination for a spicy aperitif! Ideal with Asian recipes: sushi, sashimi, prawn tempuras or chicken fritters. Delicious with crispy vegetables!

  • 200g glass jar

Tomato and basil dipping sauce

You’ll find all the scents of Provence and the flavour of French basil in this fresh recipe. Ideal with crispy vegetables or breadstick !

  • 200g glass jar

Aioli and rouille dipping sauce

This is the essential tapas sauce for the famous “patatas bravas”: small fried potatoes served as a Tapas!

  • 200g glass jar

Preserved lemon and ginger dipping sauce

spired by the flavours of the Orient, this dipping sauce is ideal with shellfish and chicken samosas or as part of a seafood verrine!

Shallot and chive dipping sauce

Rediscover the sweetness and freshness of this combination, ideal with crispy vegetables! This shallot and chive sauce is also delicious with jacket potatoes!

  • 200g glass jar