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Black olive tapenade

Provence joins the aperitif with this black olive tapenade made after the traditional recipe: black olives (80%), anchovies and capers.

  • 90g glass jar

Green olive tapenade

Provence joins the aperitif with this light, traditional green olive tapenade recipe: green olives (75%), anchovies and capers.

  • 90g glass jar

Le Parfait glass jar

Do not know which one to choose from our spreads? Test them all and concoct a colourful toast platter! Le Parfait glass jar contains 7 recipes of our spreads in 90g format:
  • Black olive tapenade (x2)
  • Green olive tapenade
  • Sundried tomatoes delice
  • Aubergine caviar
  • Red sweet peppers delice
  • Anchovy cream

Tzatziki style with cucumber dipping sauce

Rediscover the essential tzatziki-style cucumber sauce! Ideal with salmon toasties or as part of a summer verrine!

  • 200g glass jar

Tomato and chilli dipping sauce

Ideal with nachos for a Tex Mex aperitif, but just as delicious with crispy vegetables or prawn kebabs!
  • 200g glass jar

Sundried tomatoes delice

Discover our sundried tomatoes delice: sun-drenched tomatoes marinated in basil and oregano, delicious on toasted country bread!

  • 90g glass jar

Aubergine caviar 

Fried aubergines, olive oil, a hint of garlic and parsley: a real treat for summer evenings!

  • 90g glass jar

Garlic and wasabi dipping sauce

A daring combination for a spicy aperitif! Ideal with Asian recipes: sushi, sashimi, prawn tempuras or chicken fritters. Delicious with crispy vegetables!

  • 200g glass jar

Tomato and basil dipping sauce

You’ll find all the scents of Provence and the flavour of French basil in this fresh recipe. Ideal with crispy vegetables or breadstick !

  • 200g glass jar